What we experienced in the past determines who we are now. The soul’s evolutionary process expands and builds from the experiences of those preceding it.  Past lives constitute the basis of our identity, and they hold the key to resolving what needs to be completed to more towards the next stage of development.

Vibroacoustical Therapy heals by raising lower functioning levels to a healthy frequency through vibrations with the use of a water massage table and Reiki.

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Thank you for visiting my website. I invite you to explore the pages that you find here, and if so motivated, join me on the journey of your self-discovery and healing. Past Life Therapy is for anyone who feels “stuck” and unable to move forward, whether it is with careers, relationships, or life in general.

Vibroacoustical Therapy treats specific disorders. Categories of healing include Muscular/Skeletal, Stress and Pain management, Energy and Balancing, and the Human Body. With each session, I work with Reiki energies to enhance healing.

Living in a STATE OF HEALTH is so much more than feeling good physically.  When you are healthy, you are unrestricted and unencumbered by unreasonable fears and burdens—have-to’s,  cant’s and should’s—all of the negativity that we have programmed into our bodies. Becoming aware of those patterns opens the door to allowing you to change those unhealthy thought patterns into healthy ones that you choose.