Going Within

We are told that the way to healing, happiness, peace and a sense of connectedness to the universe can be attained by “going within”; that all answers are inside of you. On my personal journey I know that to be true. But when you are beginning, where do you start? How do you start?

One thing that works for me is a willingness to just be still.  Be willing to not react, just sit with your feelings and be still.  Whether you are in an angry moment, a state of confusion, or something else altogether, find a time to be alone with your thoughts and feelings.  Ask yourself, “What am I feeling?”  Begin to identify feelings specifically: “I’m ___________________because he/she _________________ and it made me feel _____________.  When you can fill in those blanks, then ask yourself “Why am I feeling this way? Be honest. This is your dialog with yourself—no one else is judging you. Do not justify, deflect or make excuses. I feel ____________________because _______________. Ask yourself “Is this true, or an over-reaction?” as it pertains to the experience that caused the feelings.

Whether it is true, or perhaps an over-reaction due to a previous experience, you now have a starting point to go deeper.  When you can identify your feelings and the emotion behind them, you will be able to explore resources available to you for dealing with them.  When you stay with it and explore your feelings, rather than hiding them away, or blaming something (someone) else, you will begin to notice that they no longer cause the same old reactions.  You have changed your perceptions.  You know yourself better and make wiser choices.

This is a simplification of a personal, individual and unique journey.  We all have things to deal with based on our personal history and experiences; however, anytime that you can lighten your load and grow to know, accept and love yourself, it is worth the effort.

Sometimes we know what we want to change, but we don’t know where it comes from. Intellectually we know what is best for us; but, our intellect doesn’t hold the power over our choices like our feelings and emotions do. Every hurt, wound, mechanism for protecting yourself has been stored in your subconscious mind.  It is available to you to access, understand, and reveal.  You do not have to be trapped in the same reactions.  The power over your life is put back into your hands and you can claim your truths. You are no longer driven by unexplained emotions or someone else’s opinion that you’ve adopted.

I am trained as a past life therapist.  I am able to help my clients access their subconscious mind and discover the reasons for their behavior and why it is keeping them from moving forward in life. In sessions, your truth is revealed, allowing you to heal and choose differently.  It is an empowering process that brings you to wholeness and allows you to find the peace that you are seeking.  Past life refers to anything that has happened from this moment backwards, and includes pre-natal and birth and does not require a belief is reincarnation to be successful.

I would like to leave you with a favorite quote from T.S.Elliot:

“The end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”



Dr. Norm Shealy and Dr. Morris Netherton

The following quote is from Dr. C. Norman Shealy, as found on his website: shealywellness.com:

“I have long recommended Past Life Therapy as the single most important psychotherapeutic tool. Indeed, one hour of PLT is far better than years of 'traditional' psychotherapy.

In my experience all significant illnesses/accidents, etc. in this life are the result of unfinished business from a previous life. Anger, guilt, anxiety and depression often are triggered by an event in this life which triggers the subconscious memory left over from a similar event in a past life. If you have unfinished business in this life, I strongly recommend you consider Past Life Therapy.”

The attached video is of Dr. Shealy and Dr. Netherton at a Holos University classroom in Fair Grove, Missouri.

Dr. Norm Shealy Introduces Dr. Morris Netherton during Past Life Therapy Instructors certification training with Parker Counseling and Education Services (Denver, CO) staff members in May, 2012 See our website for more information http://www.parkercounseling.org

How does this work and what are some examples?

Past Life Therapy addresses the feelings and emotions that affected you deeply in your past. These emotions and feelings keep you repeating the same pattern that was established to protect you, but they no longer serve you. PLT is very affective for helping those with chronic illnesses, phobias, or just generally feeling stuck.

Past Life Therapy refers to anything that has happened from this moment backward.—so it includes surgeries (tonsillectomies are traumatic for many, but not remembered), accidents, prenatal and birth of this lifetime. When you have a traumatic event happen to you, your mind goes into “unconscious’, protective mode –anesthesia causes this also, when you are not consciously aware. You are subjected to what people are saying around you and in an unconscious state, cannot recognize that these are not your thoughts. That causes a great deal of misunderstanding and confusion. Whenever you feel confusion or frustration and cannot seem to move forward in life, it’s probably an unconscious script that is keeping you stuck.

The unconscious mind records everything—it never stops and is very literal. When you are in utero you are not aware that you are separate from your Mother. She is your source for air and blood flow--her every thought, feeling and emotion is also felt by you, as well as those around Mother. If your Mother is giving birth to you and feeling fear and stress, and your head is being squeezed in the birth canal, while the Dr. is saying “you are doing just fine, everything is just as it should be”, that could be the cause of your migraine headaches.  In order for everything to be fine, I must feel stress, pain and pressure in my head. Bi-polar or manic/depressive behavior can stem from a chaotic, panicked Mother during delivery who is given drugs to calm her. She goes from panic to unresponsive..  The baby, connected by the umbilical cord, is also feeling the effects of the chaos, and then the drugged state.—polar opposites. Birth drugs can also be the cause of asthma or depression, where breathing and a state of feeling alive are affected. Chronic pain often stems from “as long as I feel pain, I know that I’m alive”. 

 The goal of every PLT session is to assimilate your Body, Mind and Spirit so that you are happy and healthy. Painful memories are not erased, they are resolved and completed.

When I work with a new client, the sessions run for approximately two hours each.  I ask  questions, getting to know you and look for triggers or patterns—a starting place. I ask about what it is that you want to change in your life.  You lie on my massage table in a very comfortable, safe setting.  When we are ready to work, I just have you close your eyes, with instruction to allow your unconscious mind to take you to exactly where we need to work. I sit in a chair beside you.  Often I will repeat a phrase that you have said, or have you choose from 3-4 sentences which have the most emotional pull for you. We start with you just saying the first thing that comes to mind, and go from there. We are accessing the survival patterns that you have established through emotions and feelings.

  My job is to be the “guide on the side” to bring your unconscious mind to the traumatic event, find the coping or survival pattern that was established, and change it or heal it by helping you say now what you couldn’t say then.

The process is very actively client centered therapy—you are the main participant in the process. It can be tough, emotional work that is absolutely exhilarating and empowering when you see it through and the confusion is cleared.

It is not necessary for you to believe in reincarnation for this process to work, if you allow your unconscious mind to be open to what comes up. If the end result is that you have burdens and restrictions lifted and perceptions changed, that is what is important in being able to live your current life joyfully.

I personally do believe in reincarnation—I have seen too many examples of the issues that are brought forward lifetime after lifetime.  I believe that our souls live on after physical death and we bring with us into the next life what we didn’t complete in the previous lifetime. Some examples of how a previous life affects choices in the next life: a child who starved to death in a previous life comes into her current life and became a nutritionist, helping others to be nourished; and unwed mother whose child was taken away by her Quaker community at birth becomes a pediatric nurse in this lifetime.

Other examples of how your unconscious mind keeps trying to get your attention:

A lady with MS had a past lifetime of being a male soldier in a fairly primitive village raid. She was left for dead—wounded and disabled and abandoned by the other men in the village in the field where she fell.  After some time, she was able to drag herself to her village, where she was taken care of but never able to walk again. When she died in that life, she was sad, angry, and frustrated, because she lived out her days relatively helpless and having to depend on the charity of others.  Her unfinished business was being helpless and abandoned .  In her current life, her muscles started shutting down when her husband told her that he wanted a divorce—that was the trigger. She started becoming weaker and weaker until she was diagnosed with MS, similar to her previous life where she was dependent on the help of others. In session, she was able to go back to that original “shutting down of muscle ability” and work through the full trauma, physical, mental and emotional through that death.  She then was brought into this lifetime where she carried the same parameters which created her “shutting down” and released the mental and emotional pain in this life.

I work with my client to find the source—very important for complete healing.  Your unconscious mind leads the way and we work with whatever comes up. If there has been a lot of trauma in this current lifetime, it often has to be worked first. When we work through a past life, we always finish in the current lifetime by asking your unconscious mind to take you to where you need to work that set up the same parameters that you carried forward from your past life.  We want to be sure that the source and current lifetime is cleared of issues.

We are amazing creations and this work has given me a huge respect for the human spirit. It also takes away judgment. There is a much bigger plan and power watching over us.  Our experiences are just that—experiences that add to our knowledge and wisdom.  They help us use our free will to make conscious choices in our life.  You can’t understand peace if you don’t experience turmoil. You can’t understand cold if you don’t know hot.  Each of us had played roles of victim/victimizer.  These experiences enable us to choose Love instead of Hate, Kindness instead meanness, Light instead of Dark.