It does not use hypnosis, is not talk therapy, and is not “psychic” in nature. We have two parts to our mind- the conscious and unconscious.  Our conscious mind consists of our discerning, thinking process.  It analyzes, is rational and logical.  Our unconscious mind contains our emotions, feelings, impressions and automatic responses and houses much of our memory.  We are, with guidance, able to access the stored, unconscious memories that caused emotional trauma.  Unhealthy patterns are revealed, expressed and changed so that the client may reach a higher level of personal growth and understanding, resulting in a higher quality of life.  Painful memories are not erased, they are resolved and completed.

Past Life is considered anything that happened from this moment backward.  PLT involves being in a relaxed, focused state while always remaining aware of what you are saying and doing.  It is client driven.  It is a process of re-experiencing ones past, reframing or changing any false, survival based logic.  Traumas often include prenatal birth experiences and any surgeries.

The ultimate goal is to help a person become aligned with their authentic self, based on their own beliefs rather than what they may have accepted from other’s opinions.  The integration of mind, body and soul motivates each session.

I have been trained in the methods of Dr. Morris Netherton, whose teachings are based on the following premises:

Each of us follows a unique path. Each physical experience is another step in our evolutionary process towards completion as an infinite being.  We have evolved from living in a survival, fight or flight existence, to a more enlightened way of living.

Conception is a point of transition from the past to the present. Conception and pregnancy is the time during which the mind’s unconscious script is formulated for the fetus. This brings forward the unresolved issues and dynamics from past lives, which will formulate the developing fetus’s unconscious patterns for survival.  At birth, the conscious mind accepts the preexisting unconscious scripts as the authority from which beliefs and behavior will be formulated.  The situation which caused death in a previous life is in place to be resolved and healed in your current life.

Birth begins the conscious process of survival. Birth is the first complete experience of moving forward in life.  It cements both negative and positive survival patterns to be utilized throughout the coming years.  Your experience during birth will determine the patterns which will motivate your life decisions, relationships and achievements.

What we experienced in the past determines who we are now.  The soul’s evolutionary process expands and builds from the experiences of those preceding it. Your current life experience is a reflection of a stage of growth and development your soul has achieved thus far.  Past lives constitute the basis of our identity, they hold the key to resolving what needs to be completed to move towards the next stage of development.

God exists to make all things possible.  Our soul’s journey takes us through confusion, fear, anger, and sadness to a state of completion, joy and happiness.  We recognize that God exists as a benign, nurturing, nourishing, supporting environment.  Within this environment everything in the universe is made available to us in order to complete our evolutionary journey. To quote T. S. Elliot’s words:  “The end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, and know the place for the first time.”

Behaviors cannot change long-term unless the survival-based reason for them is fully address and released.  Past Life Therapy empowers individuals to change mind-controlling scripts by offering them a method that allows them to take responsibility for their health and spiritual evolution.

Hopefully we are nearing the end of the era of victim-victimizer and entering the time of the benign observer when each of us will be free to make healthy choices and live happy, creative lives.

Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.
— Henry David Thoreau
To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson


Vibroacoustic Therapy is treatment on a liquid sound table—a massage table with a water bladder and transducers mounted to the bottom of the table. It offers the most sophisticated sound delivery system for reducing stress, alleviating physical pain and creating space for deep meditation. Healing vibrations are delivered through specific frequencies to treat specific diseases. The idea is to raise the body’s Vibrational rate to the frequency of healthy vibrations.  As our bodies are 60-75% water, and vibration moves four to six times faster through water than air, a synergy is created between the table and your body.  The vibrations pass from water in the table, to water in your body.  The effect is a gentle massaging from the inside as well as out. 

There are over 50 CD healing frequencies to choose from that include The Human Body Series, Muscular Structural Series, Energy and Balancing Series and Pain Management Series.  CD’s length range from 30 minutes to an hour. We will determine together what you need for maximum benefit.  While you are experiencing the vibrations from the table, I am giving a Reiki treatment.

VAT is used to improve the life quality of persons suffering from a wide variety of complaints and handicaps”… “VAT is aimed primarily for direct communication with the nervous system, muscle tissue, bones, glands and fluids of the body of mammals. Sound is transferred as vibrations in solid matter, liquids, or gases…Thus organs in the body which we cannot reach by traditional methods-nerves, glands, lungs, heart, deep-lying blood vessels and brain tissue-will react when being exposed to sound vibrations.
— Olav Skille